Jeffrey Lehmann

Jeffrey LehmanJeffrey is the Emmy awarded host and Emmy awarded producer of the “Weekend Explorer” travel series, provided free to PBS stations nationwide. At just 14 with money he earned mowing lawns, he traveled Europe from the Arctic Circle to Southern Italy and everywhere in between by himself! In high school, he was a Rotary exchange student to New Zealand, taking a 6-week detour to Australia and Hawaii on the way home. Always the entrepreneur, as a junior at the University of California San Diego studying engineering, he purchased and ran a mid-sized travel agency. On graduating college, he traveled Asia and Oceania extensively.

Following college, Jeffrey engineered new energy technologies by day, learning TV production at night—launching “Weekend Explorer” in 1999 and earning an Emmy for “Performance as Host” in 2000 and another Emmy in 2009. His series has been awarded 10 Tellys and in 2011 was awarded “Documentary of the Year” by the Chinese Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. “Weekend Explorer” airs on more than 200 PBS stations and in syndication on commercial stations nationwide and in more than two-dozen foreign countries as well as in-flight on Delta, on-board cruise ships, and elsewhere. His new series “Explorer Kids” was nominated for a 2013 Emmy. Recently, when asked, he agreed to help promote the National Park Services centennial in August 2016 by creating a special season “Weekend Explorer in America’s National Parks” to be released this summer. He was the only American born participant in the Roosevelt River Centennial Scientific Expedition, celebrating the expedition that nearly took Theodore Roosevelt’s life. Currently, he is shooting a six-part documentary series on the “Maritime Silk Road,” the most important trading route in history. Jeffrey is an award winning writer and photographer and sits on the board of the North American Travel Journalist Association. Host & Producer of the multi Emmy & multi Telly awarded "Weekend Explorer" travel series. Airing on PBS stations nationwide and in a dozen foreign countries.

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