A federal judge has fined Arizona $1.4 million for failing to meet health care standards in state prisons. In an order filed Friday, Magistrate Judge David Duncan wrote that the state had “turned to a private contractor which has been unable to meet the prisoner’s health care needs.”
On The Inside: The Chaos Of Arizona Prison Health Care
During the Arizona-Mexico Commission Summit in Tucson earlier this month, leaders touted efforts to make highways safer for travelers heading to popular tourist destinations south of the border. Drivers to Sonora's Sea of Cortez are eager to see those improvements.


Arizona’s congressional delegation is speaking out in anticipation of a vote on a second, so-called, "compromise bill."
When it comes to talking about disabilities, language is everything. And that’s why the National Center on Disability and Journalism at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism is revamping its current style guide.
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The Burton Barr Central Library held its annual celebration of the summer solstice Thursday, welcoming spectators to see unique features of the top floor revealed by the sun only once a year.
Tempe police have concluded the deadly crash between an autonomous Uber SUV and a pedestrian would not have occurred if the vehicle’s backup driver had been watching the road.
Arizona’s drought is pushing the Salt River wild horses close to starvation. One organization is jumping in to bring food to those animals.

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The White House press secretary was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant Friday. Earlier this week, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and White House adviser Stephen Miller were heckled at restaurants.
In the past week, two of the most vocal advocates for the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" immigration policy were heckled while eating at Mexican restaurants in Washington.
Shortly after Abiy Ahmed addressed a massive rally in the capital, Addis Ababa, a blast sent attendees running. Authorities say at least one person died in the attack and its aftermath.
State-run newspaper The Herald is calling the incident an assassination attempt on Mnangagwa. The 75-year-old head of state had just left the stage when the blast occurred, injuring many.
The state lawmaker surprised the political world when she upset the incumbent in a GOP primary just a week and a half ago. Now, Arrington is in the hospital after a fatal collision Friday night.